Monday, January 10, 2011

Star Gate: Worst Sci-Fi Show Ever

I started watching Stargate Atlantis and have made it through the first season and would like to say that it is the worst Sci-Fi show I have watched in a great while. There are so many elements that just make it the worst put together show since the Super Mario Bro's Super Show. Now that I have moved on to the second season Ronin has made the overall show better but it still has its flaws.

My biggest problem is that every race speaks English. In SG-1 almost all planets are populated by races that originate on earth and is basically the same with Atlantis. These races are descendants of people like Ghangis Khan, Ancient Egypt, etc. There are also other alien races known as the Goa'uld, Asgaurdians, Atlantians, etc. Now for some reason all of the people they meet speak English. Even the Atlantians who write in a different language always speak English. I understand that people would be even more upset if the writers used languages and called them something else, but every other Sci-Fi universe finds a way around this. In Star Trek it is universal communicators and in Dr. Who the TARDIS translates everything using peoples brain waves. I have always been told that if you want to complain about the flaws of something have a solution so here it is, the star gates translate it or they manufacture universal translators. Either of these things would work. With a civilization that could build a star gate I am pretty sure they could make a translator. They could just use a fish...

Another problem I have with the Star Gate series so far is  the lack of continuity. One day people will want to kill an alien race and then next they don't. Other times they are all about gene therapy and other days they are not. Sometimes the greater good is a theme and sometimes it is the needs of the one that are addressed and themed. When you have a show like that you can't get into the characters because no characters exists.

Now there are a lot of other little problems with the series that I have but those will be better discussed in the comments. I mean when you have an inconsistent show where everyone speaks English for no good reason when one is easy to find that is just a good concept with a lazy staff. Thanks for coming again and have a good one.


  1. Yeah i know exactly what you mean, all my friends have been saying the same to me aswell, definately not gonna stay watching!

  2. That third paragraph sounds like The U.S.A lol.

  3. funny thing is it is Canadian.